Each Jeep Wrangler model is built for different purposes, with special advantages for buyers who are interested in pushing their Wrangler. What we know there are three different models of JK Wranglers namely: Sahara, Sport (X) and Rubicon, here are the details that we can say

Wrangler Rubicon

The Wrangler Rubicon is the weapon of choice for those looking for outdoor adventure and those who love their Jeep wheel on weekends. Reinforced air axles and tru-lock air lockers as standard components are two good reasons why these vehicles are like off-roading vehicles and our favorite of the three JK handlers.

Rubicon is the flagship of the Wrangler fleet. It’s created as a rough version of Wrangler with great on-road capabilities as well. It comes with everything in the Sahara package along with most off-road stuff. The alloy wheels 17 “wrapped 32” BFG M / T for better appeal when crossing the path. The standard 30-axle axle has been upgraded to a stronger Dana 44, and the front and rear axles are equipped with Tru-Lock air lockers. The springs are enhanced with better spring rates to allow the Jeep to have greater ground clearance and tires. The Rubicon comes with an electronically wiggling bar to help articulate off the street. Stone wheels and standard tow hooks complement the rugged look of the Rubicon on the outside. As for the interior, it has a premium sound system and head unit touch screen, leather seats, and two tone interiors are available.

Price Rubicon Jeep Wrangler:
2 doors – $ 30
4 doors – $ 34K

Wrangler Sahara

Wrangler Sahara comes with everything on the Sport S with some other upgrades including: 18 “premium alloy wheels, colors that fit the hard top and fender flares, and side steps complement the look of the Sahara on the outside.Inside you will get an enhanced stereo system with Alpine speakers and 368 Watt Amplifier Finishing from the interior of Sahara is a choice of leather upholstery and interior LED lighting accents Sahara built more for the convenience of driver and passenger.

Sahara Price:
2 Doors – $ 28K
4 doors – $ 31K

Jeep Wrangler Sport

From 2007-2010 Wrangler Sport was branded as the X model, and in 2011 they brought back the name Sport. Equipped with basic stereo system and optional A / C unit. Also as standard equipment are stamped steel wheels and standard tires. They have the option of upgrading to hardtop, but from factory equipped with soft top. There is also Sport S, which comes with alloy wheels, interior accent A / C and chrome. Sport is the cheapest model of bare bones.

Wrangler Sport Pricing:
2 doors – $ 24k
4 doors – $ 27k