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Jeep Wrangler Under 5000, What’s The Best Wrangler For Under $5,000?

Autoblog's Picks For The Best $5,000 Used Cars - Jeep Wrangler Under 5000

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Jeep Wrangler Under 5000, What’s The Best Wrangler For Under $5,000? – I’m looking for an excellent used car for regarding $5,000. I was believing I ought to be able to locate a top quality made use of Jeep Wrangler with under 100k miles at this price. The concern is, just what is the most effective years/options to guarantee I locate a reliable Jeep?

I’m assuming a 4cyl, automatic. Excellent gas milage compared with the 4.0, fix? Is the 4cyl as trusted as the 4.0, 6cyl? Are there any particular years I should focus on, or avoid?

I’m a Jeep person inside out, yet I have to ask … if you had $5k and wanted a trusted vehilcle; would certainly you purchase a used Jeep or an utilized Honda civic/crv?

Jeep Wrangler Under 5000

Search for a 1991+ Wrangler with the 4.0 L. And its a Wrangler … Its not going to get excellent gas mileage. Individuals on this forum can extol 20mpg The 4 cyl will give you just 1 or 2 miles per gallon a lot more over the 6 cyl but your actually surrendering power if you go that route. Both engines are quite trusted, you could run them 200k+ miles and also still not have troubles. IMO Searching for a sub 100k mileage actually isn’t needed if your looking for dependability. If you do not mind additional gas mileage you MIGHT be able to get a 4.0 L TJ for 5k( Seen one on CL a couple of weeks back) however it doesn’t visited commonly. Your going to have to await a YJ individual to chip in with the quarks for many years yet I suspect it will be very little.

P.S. If you desire a Civic, that would be a terrific DD once you put some 37″ Super Swampers on your YJ
The Wrangler would certainly be a much more fun to drive lorry especially this time of year. Insurance coverage economicals( atleast for me) to ensure that offsets the gas mileage.

This will never see dust. It’s for my sibling and also she’ll simply be utilizing it to drive about LA. She’s thinking a wrangler so she can take the complete and given that everyone else in our family members has a Jeep.

In this case I would certainly state bow out obtaining a Wrangler. Here are my reasons.

– Is your sister prepared for the utilitarian YJ?
– The Wrangler’s gas mileage doesn’t get on too excellent on a freeway not to mention only city driving
– If its never ever visiting dust … Why obtain a Jeep

If she wishes to take her complement(ON THE JEEP) why not get an exchangeable auto? With a soft top on the Wrangler, somebody can constantly simply unzip your home windows and also get whatever they want.

There is actually no mileage difference in between a 4cyl and the 6cyl, both get dreadful mileage when compared with a car. Both are dependable though, don’t necessarily have to obtain one under 100K however, I would take the 6cyl with over 100k prior to I would by a 4cyl with under 50K. And now the inquiry is she all set for a jeep they are extremely utilitarian IMO if you typically aren’t going to use the excellent off road showcases you are better off with an exchangeable auto. Jeeps are a whole lot to endure if you aren’t mosting likely to utilize them wherefore they were developed for.

The YJ has a really, really harsh flight. The dash as well as interior lack luxury to say the least. Plus why obtain a 5000 buck Jeep? It has most likely been ruined by some kid.

The very best year of the YJ is the ’95 since it has a galvanized bathtub (layered with a special metal substance) and is really immune to rust as well as is the newest YJ. If she actually desires a Jeep for the photo or whatever she is going with, I ‘d opt for a newer Cherokee, claim 1999 and also up.

If she will certainly never ever see any type of off roadway action however, I would certainly state choose a convertable or the Honda like you first suggested.

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