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Jeep Wrangler Tj Tube Fenders, Answers To All Your Jeep Questions

Smittybilt Jeep Wrangler Xrc Armor Front Tube Fenders W/ 3 In. Flare - Jeep Wrangler Tj Tube Fenders

Jeep Wrangler Tj Tube Fenders – Image via acdn.extremeterrain.com

Jeep Wrangler Tj Tube Fenders, Answers To All Your Jeep Questions – CJ REBUILD OR SWAP? – I’ve been a Jeep follower a lot of years. I constantly desired a CJ-5 when I was a kid. Fast-forward to 2014, when I used my brother-in-law down for him to market me his ’94 YJ with a 2.5 L four-banger with a five-speed manual transmission for a remarkable price of $350. There was one caution, it fell short exhausts.

It had high NOX analyses. I purchased a brand-new O2 sensing unit and also a Flowmaster catalytic convertor, which did the trick and also the Jeep passed exhausts. The disadvantage is that there is extreme stress pressing oil from the dipstick tube as well as I had to buy another catalytic convertor last year.

I recognize I must do a leakdown test to see exactly what is taking place inside the engine. Would certainly it be a lot more affordable to rebuild it than swap it out? It’s only got 149,000 miles. I do plan on maintaining the Jeep, updating the axles, and also putting on a 2 1/2- inch Skyjacker lift kit.

Jeep Wrangler Tj Tube Fenders

My various other plan is to upgrade to a Ford 5.0 L vehicle engine and also obtain an AX-15 transmission. Exactly what is the very best bang for the buck option? It currently has a Windstorm Banks header and an Airaid consumption.

The Jeep is a blast to drive on- and also off-road, and also with the 4.10:1 proportion axle gears it vacates perfectly!
Sean Jennings
Via email

Other than in exceptionally unusual cases, an engine rebuild or a remanufactured dog crate engine will certainly constantly be even more cost effective than an engine swap. Engine swaps have numerous costs as well as complexities that are usually neglected. These prices accumulate promptly and also include things like the electrical wiring, adapters, engine mounts, radiator, exhaust, driveshafts, fuel pump, as well as construction. These things can quickly amount to a several hundreds of bucks. Given that you appear to delight in the Jeep with the current engine, I assume one of the most prudent point to do is to stick with the 2.5 L. Yet initially, you have to find out if it’s any great.

Extreme blow-by with the dipstick or oil filler is typically a pretty good sign that the piston rings are used as well as the engine could be due for a reconstruct. Nonetheless, a plugged-up PCV valve could cause a similar problem. Clean or change the PCV shutoff as well as tube. Make certain it’s operating correctly. If it is, as well as the excessive blow-by persists, it’s time to visit the following action.

You’ll require a compression tester to check the problem of the cylinders, pistons, and also rings, and also to see if they are securing properly. You can buy a low-cost cylinder compression tester from Harbor Products (harborfreight.com). Examine each cylinder for compression and note the psi. A variant of 10 to 15 psi between cylinders is fairly regular, yet if the variation hits or surpasses 20 psi you have an issue that must be attended to.

You can verify the low cyndrical tubes by pouring 1 teaspoon of engine oil into the ignition system opening as well as retesting. If the reading lifts, the piston rings are worn. If it doesn’t, the problem is in the valvetrain. Do not forget to remove the cylinders of oil before reinstalling the spark plugs.

If you diagnose the engine as being used, you have some options. You could take your engine to the neighborhood rebuilder, or you can simply switch your engine out with a remanufactured long-block engine from a company such as ATK (atkvege.com).


I have been a customer to Jp for many years. For starters, I enjoy the magazine, the great web content, and also I delight in every issue. I know you people have posted a few write-ups on axle swaps. I have a ’01 TJ (non-Rubicon) as well as I wish to upgrade the axles. I am presently on implementation as well as I am conserving money for Jeep parts. Much like nearly every off-road fanatic, I would certainly enjoy to obtain high-end 1-ton axles. Nonetheless, I can not afford $12,000 in axles at the moment. I was taking a look at doing a Ford 8.8-inch swap with an ARB Air Locker.

I can obtain the axle at the regional damageding lawn for $200. In advance, I was thinking about including a sleeve set, gussets, and a truss. A locker in advance would certainly behave too, yet I aren’t sure if the Dana 30 deserves putting that much money right into. What would certainly you suggest? The Jeep currently rests on 33-inch tires, yet I will certainly be mosting likely to 35-inch tires and a 3.5-inch lift from MetalCloak when I return residence. At some point, I would certainly love to be able run 37-inch tires without having to switch axles once more.
Any type of advice or ideas would considerably be appreciated. As always, I like the magazine, as well as thank you for your time and also help.
Jeremy Pugh
Via e-mail

First and foremost, thanks for your solution and all your initiatives overseas! Without people like you, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate every little thing that we do here back at home.

Your axle swap concept is an audio one. Preferably, you need to start with the 8.8-inch from a Ford Explorer. You could locate them with disc brakes and 31-spline axleshafts. Companies such as Artec Industries (artecindustries.com), Ballistic Construction (ballisticfabrication.com), as well as RuffStuff Specialties (ruffstuffspecialties.com) supply the weld-on suspension braces needed to put the Ford 8.8-inch under your Jeep TJ Wrangler.

If you have problem finding a Ford Explorer 8.8-inch or cannot perform the fabrication as well as welding had to make the swap, East Coastline Equipment Supply (eastcoastgearsupply.com) provides Ford 8.8-inch Explorer back axles total with TJ braces all set to bolt right into your Jeep.

When it comes to the front, you could install the sleeves, gussets as well as truss to maintain your Dana 30 from bending. Nonetheless, if it’s already curved, you’ll intend to start with a fresh housing. These products will certainly not correct a curved axlehousing.

The Ford 8.8 and even the Dana 30 must offer your Jeep well with as much as 35-inch tires if you drive sanely. Overly hostile driving with a locker will certainly put the Dana 30 ring-and-pinion and axleshaft steering U-joints at risk. Upping the tire size to 37-inch tires will be a little bit of a gamble. You could maintain the 8.8-inch as well as Dana 30 active if you don’t drive strongly, however you’ll have to be extremely cautious. Stepping into 37-inch tires actually requires a lot stronger axle assemblies. The 35-inch tires are about the maximum I would certainly suggest with the 8.8-inch and Dana 30 axles. The additional leverage and weight of the 37-inch tires will ultimately take its toll on the 8.8-inch and Dana 30 axle assemblies.


Dismissing the unimaginable, I’ve made a decision that my ’92 YJ truly should be tinkered (some even more). We’re discussing a relatively benign little Jeep with equally little stock P235/75R15 28.8-inch-diameter tires as well as a stock little 2.5 L four-banger. It has absolutely nothing even more exotic than front and also back ARB Air Lockers and a 2-inch BDS lift. The back axle is an aftermarket G2 Core 44. But, it’s the front Dana high-pinion 30 that I’m now bothered with.

You see, I’m actually thinking about an Atlas 2-Speed transfer case with a 5:1 low-range ratio. This device with delivery, plus driveshaft modifications will press $3,400, yet it’s still cheaper and cleaner than any other choices for gear reduction this reduced. Scott at Advanced Adapters estimates a crawl proportion of 78:1 with the 5:1 decrease Atlas and also 4.10 ring-and-pinion. My AX5 transmission and also clutch are freshly reconstructed, so replacing the AX5 with an older granny First gear transmission of doubtful condition, plus drawing down the price and exercises of adapters, as well as any kind of unknowns make me moody.

Which brings us to my inquiry. The added torque with the Atlas included into the formula would greatly increase tension down vapor of the transfer situation to every other part including the supply Dana 30 vacuum separate axle, which my spirit enjoys as well as will certainly not part with. Yes, I intend to be buried with it. I like it that much. Will this calamity of torque brutalize my precious detach axle with the Air Locker engaged or disengaged for that matter? If so, after that I’ll leave the little buffalo as is, and please my off-road yearnings by reading your publication two times as typically.

I would certainly murder the devil in his rest for even more creeping torque sometimes when decreasing can in fact reduce the possibility of breakage. That claimed, I matured in Sacramento, and ran the Rubicon from 1969 via 1972. That 4 years offseted every rotten point I ‘d done up till that factor in my life. I want to think I’ve obtained the rottenness as well as the rocks mostly out of my system, hence the modest engine and also stock tires. Thank you for an exceptional publication. The technology info throughout is a golden goose and also the Your Jeep concern and response section is my favorite, a long lasting treasure.
Reg Jones
Via e-mail

Offered the tire size you are running with no strategies of dramatically boosting the tire diameter, I believe you might really quickly maintain the high-pinion disconnect Dana 30 alive with a 5:1 reduced variety transfer case. If you had the impulse to upgrade the Dana 30, you could swap the majority of the intestines of your separate Dana 30 right into a junkyard non-disconnect high-pinion XJ Dana 30. It’s a fairly basic swap, yet it does require some standard cutting and also welding.

The XJ suspension brackets will certainly have to be removed from the real estate and brand-new leaf springtime perches will certainly need to be welded to the axletubes. This swap would certainly obtain you a sturdier axlehousing and also a less troublesome 4×4 shifting system. If you are stressed over the manufacturing facility axleshaft toughness, you might update to some RCV Efficiency (rcvperformance.com) CV-style axleshafts. They are dramatically more powerful than the OE U-jointed axleshafts and also will fit in both your disconnect-style axlehousing (sans separate) and also the non-disconnect XJ high-pinion Dana 30 axlehousing.


A couple of years ago I bought a Texas-based ’94 two-door 4.0 L Cherokee 4×4 with a manual transmission and no ABDOMINAL or air bags. I had a strategy of developing an experience vehicle that may be flat lugged behind a Recreational Vehicle or tow an experience trailer, and then life took place as well as it developed into an everyday chauffeur seeing a lot of miles and New England winter seasons.

Recently, I began breathing life right into the old plan, just to uncover that locating a substitute Cherokee with similar specifications and in good condition is fairly hard. I could utilize some aid examining some alternative specifications. Now, my plan is to seek a ’91 or more recent Cherokee with a 4.0 L HO engine.

The standard develop includes Dana 44 axles with electric storage lockers front as well as rear, 31- or 33-inch all-terrain tires that are 10.5 inches large, fender flares and a lift as called for, a winch bumper with an 8,000- or 10,000-pound winch, and also a rear tire service provider bumper. Exactly how well does the Cherokee ABDOMINAL MUSCLE system carry out on- as well as off-road and also just how susceptible to failing is it? What sort of problems might I have with the air bags, particularly if I mount a winch bumper and winch as well as possibly flat tow with a tow bar attached to the bumper?

Considering that I have a possible contributor vehicle in my driveway as well as an extra rebuilt AX15 as well as NP231HD in my basement, just what will be needed to exchange a transmission for a manual transmission? Will some years as well as transmissions be simpler to exchange out compared to others and also just what years are most likely to be one of the most reputable?

A vital factor to consider is, when completed, the lorry should be able to reliably pass Massachusetts yearly assessment. Due to the age of the Jeep (pre-’03 version) this will be a safety-only assessment with no port scanning. However, one product that is examined is dash warning lights. If a warning light is on, including ABS, air bag, or other light, this is an immediate stop working. Any type of help you can offer will be valued.

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