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Jeep Pickup 2018 for Better Experience of Driving

Talk about Jeep Pickup 2018, we want it or not, it must be related to the Wrangler variant. Wrangler is basically a traditional design of off-road car designed and manufactured by Jeep even since decades ago. Undeniably, Jeep is indeed focused on this kind of cars. Although this company then has been produced a number of different car types, this one seems timeless. So, why does, Jeep Pickup is correlated with Wrangler. In fact, the pickup produced by Jeep still has Wrangler style on that. The pickup truck application can even only be an additional feature. In other words, it is Wrangler with additional pickup behind. The purpose of the manufacture is clear anyway. It is not only to pickup something but to support your adventure and off-road activities. Maybe, you need to load stuff like tent, bicycles, and others.


Since it is basically a Wrangler, the design is not that different compared from previous Wrangler series. Wrangler is always focused on the traditional box shape. It is stated by the CEO of Jeep Global in which this company doesn’t have any plan to change this basic design. it is even claimed as the special design that is not found in any other brands. Sure, it means that this Jeep Pickup 2018 will be quite similar to the others. Sure, the modifications are there in which the details are made to make it more polished and modern. The body tends to be more sleek and sophisticated. Then, as it is a kind of pickup, here is the additional pickup placed to load anything less than 907 kg.

There are two options available; they are two-door and four-door Jeep Pickup. It means that the dimensions of both are different as well. However, the difference is not that significant and only the length. In general, both types of the Jeep Pickup are indeed bigger from common Wrangler. It is even when you measure only the Wrangler part, not with the pickup part. The body is mainly made from aluminum. It is the main reason why; even if it is big in term of dimension, the car is still lightweight. This is also one of the most important factors to make the pickup is comfortable to be driven.


The Jeep Pickup 2018 is definitely an adventurous car. It can be seen from not only the designs but also the features. The features are indeed almost similar to the previous Wrangler series, in general. However, there are still some enhancements. One of them is regarding the frame of Wrangler that is extended. It is function for bed’s placement which sometimes needs additional length as well. In term of fuel, it seems Jeep has realized its previous “mistake”. Wrangler from Jeep is indeed infamous for being wasteful in fueling. The application of aluminum fuel is considered as the more effective and efficient. Then, the result is very good in which the fuel tends to be more economical.

In term of engine, there are three types of engine that are provided for Jeep Pickup 2018. However, only two of them that are available in the market currently; they are 3.6-liter V-6 engine and 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 cylinder. One more engine is actually made for Fiat-Chrysler series. It is Fiat Chrysler’s 3.0 liter turbodiesel V-6 engine. The last engine is planned to be launched in 2019 after the newest series of SUV from Jeep is also released.

Undeniably, full-pickup car cannot be found currently from Jeep. It is clear that Jeep is indeed not focused on such a type. However, the combination of pickup and Wrangler is definitely great. You must not worry since the Jeep Pickup 2018 is also very good for on-road, not only off-road.

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