Ways To Pay Off Your Consolidated Debt Loan

cddWith the rapidly growing lifestyle, the necessities that people have required and their demands have grown at the same time. People nowadays want everything in their lives to fulfill their desire of comfort and luxury, and in some cases: they actually use their money on their needs.

For fulfilling the needs and demands of the people, some people opt for getting loans, credit cards etc.; however, it sometimes becomes extremely hard to pay off the loans on time and they become bad debts.

Further, to solve the problem of bad debts, some people attempt to make it easier by applying for a Consolidated Debt Loan. For those who are unaware about the ‘Consolidated Debt’ and the ‘Consolidated Debt Loan’, let’s provide you some brief.

The ‘Consolidated Debt’ refers to combining or joining the accumulation of more than one loan. For instance, one could have a loan for car, or for house, or education etc. So, all of these loans when combined together is referred to as ‘Consolidated Debt’.

Somewhat similar is the about ‘Consolidated Debt Loan’, but here, the loan is taken for paying off the old debts/loans. The reason behind getting a Consolidated Debt Loan is that the rate of interest, which is charged on this loan, is quite low as compared to the old loans. But, what would happen, if the same debt loan becomes a Bad Debt?

What people need to do first of all is to avoid getting any consolidated loans. As specified earlier, that the reason behind accumulation of so much in loans is the lifestyle that some people live.

So what could be done to decrease their outstanding debt? Some people need to change their living habits. People should spend only as much that is absolutely required by them, and should avoid extra expenditure. This goes to the heart of debt: Necessities Versus Luxuries

But, since, one is under the burden of Consolidated Debt Loan already, there are few ways which could help him to easily pay off the loans.

Go for shorter payback duration:

Paying off the debt loan would be really hard – if you go for a longer term duration of the loan. It is better to choose a shorter time duration for paying off the loan. Although the shorter time duration would make you pay higher EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) per month, it would prove to be helpful in terms of amount of interest. When the amount of EMI to be paid per month is lower, it takes longer to pay off the debt; and the amount of to be paid by him would also be hefty.

Getting a loan on Home Equity:

Going for a Home Equity Loan would be considered preferable in paying off the debt loan because of the low amount of interest charged on it. It is a good option to mortgage your house or property to get a loan and pay off the debt. But, one should always be careful while doing this, because mortgaging the house could be risky; as if one is unable to pay off the loan, he could lose his house out of his hands. So, a second thought is must before you choose this option. Try it only if you think you will be able to pay the loan on time.

Line of Credit:

The Line of Credit also known as the customer’s Personal Line of Credit, is a medium of withdrawing money from the bank. This service is provided by the bank to its customers i.e. both organizations and individuals. This facility is somewhat similar to Overdraft. Being a credit worthy customer, one can avail this facility on the basis of his reputation in the bank. We see this as a good option to pay off the Consolidated Debt Loan, as the amount of interest charged on this facility is quite low.

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Convenient Repayment of Debts With Consolidation Companies

dc44When you find yourself buried deep in debts, finding help at the earliest will save you from trouble. One of the main reasons why people suffer because of debts is the lack of proper planning and management. Some people do struggle because of reasons that are out of their control such as sudden loss of jobs or their inability to work due to a medical condition. Whatever the reason it may be, it is advisable to get expert help to help you deal with debts effectively.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are very easy to use. While some credit card holders keep a tab of where their money goes, some do not care about it. Banks these days offer a higher credit limit to attract more customers. The charges on annual fee may also be waivered by the bank if you spend a certain limit every year. This has encouraged people to spend more. While most people make sure that they repay their monthly credit card bills without fail, some do not. When you miss a payment it results in a penalty. Repeatedly missing your payments will result in the bank declining your credit card. You will end up owning the banks a lot of money which you will have to pay off at high interest rates. Getting debt help during this tough situation will help you manage your debts effectively.

How do Consolidation firms work?

If you are a local resident who is finding it difficult to tackle the numerous payments you are making towards your home, car and credit cards, getting debt help is a sensible thing to do. Making monthly payment towards multiple debts could be very stressful. Not all creditors are the same. Each one will have a different interest rate. In the long run, this debt repayment may become very complicated too. Firms offering consolidation loans can provide you with great solutions to get you out of debts faster.

Easy Repayment

When you contact a consolidation loan firm they will analyse your financial and debt situation. Based on your monthly income, they will consolidate all your loans into one single monthly payment. The best part of opting for consolidation loans is that you will be not be repaying your debt at a higher interest rate. The consolidation firm will work out a nominal interest rate for you based on how much you earn. Everyone wishes to lead a stress-free life. By consolidating all your debts you will be able to do exactly that. Since you do not have to keep track of multiple deadlines and payments each month, you can focus on paying off your debts faster. In addition, you will also have a longer time to pay off your loans.


How to Improve Your Credit Scores Faster

dcwWhen you apply for a home or personal loan, the first thing your bank will check is your credit score. A credit score or a credit history is basically a result derived from the analysis of a person’s credit files. In addition to banks, insurance companies, phone companies, and government institutions also use credit scoring to evaluate a person’s financial stand.

Why is Credit Rating Important?

When you fill in your application for a loan, the bank does not have any solid means to evaluate you in terms of your ability to repay the loan on time. So they use credit rating as a tool to determine how strong you are financially. For this, they do a complete analysis of your income, on-going mortgages, assets and take into account many other factors to assess you. This will provide the banks and other money lenders a clear picture of your monetary status. When you try to borrow money with bad credit, it is very likely that your application might be rejected.

Reasons for Bad Credit History

A person may end up with a bad credit score due to a number of reasons. When you miss your payments towards mortgages frequently, this can lead to bad rating. Laziness in paying the bills, poor financial situation and overspending are some of the major causes of bad credit. Different countries have distinct methods of assessing a person’s creditworthiness. A bank can deny the application of an individual requesting to borrow money with bad score. This is done as per bank’s policies in an attempt to protect themselves from people whose credit scores do not satisfy the set standards. To improve your credit score, you can talk to a consolidation firm for easy repayment options.

Home Loans with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit does not entirely disqualify you to obtain a home loan. You can still borrow money with bad score with the help of consolidation firms. If you wish to close a deal on a house you like, you do not have to worry if the bank rejects your application for loan. A consolidation firm will analyse your financial records and grant you loan on certain terms and conditions. Usually the person applying for the loan would have to pay a slightly higher interest rate than an individual who has a good credit rating. But as you make your payments regularly, there is a higher chance of your credit scores getting better. If you own an asset you can still borrow money with poor credit, since your asset will be used as collateral, not your credit score. This is called a secure loan. If you do not own an asset, then you still may qualify for an unsecured loan which is subjected to specific conditions.

The Truth About Going Debt Free

d3People have debts with many creditors and at varying interest rates. Knowing how to be debt free may save you a great deal of money if you are willing to become a true master of the art and science of managing money.

Realistically, there is NO magic formula to get rid of debt. Check the debts you owe: credit cards, auto purchases, finance companies, remembering that loan charges may vary from year to year among financial institutions.

Interest on auto loans is known to vary as much as 10 percent. Finance companies often charge much higher rates than banks and credit unions. Credit cards and department store accounts can be insidious ways of incurring additional debt. That is, unless you use them properly.

In regards to challenging your every belief, it is a fact of the modern financial system that loans generally incur higher interest rates. For example, let’s say Ford Motor Company goes to your bank. The company pays interest that is a fraction over the prime rate, which is the lowest rate banks charge their favorite customers. You, for sure, are paying several points over the prime.

You may not be able to change the fact the bank gives Ford a better interest rate than it gives you. But you can control, to some degree, the interest rate you pay based on the amount of money you borrow.

Look at the interest schedules on your credit card bills. You will see information that tells you something like this: On the balance up to $2,000, the finance charge is 18 percent annually, while on the balance over $2,000, you pay 12 percent. Remember, these numbers are generalized.

You may owe $2,000 or more in credit card bills, but if that debt is spread over several cards with low but lingering balances, you are paying the 18 percent on every penny. And if you pay the minimum amount due to each creditor every month, you will carry 18 percent until all balances go to zero.

Mastering a debt free plan can be achieved by strategically refinancing your debt. In fact, you can renegotiate and finance smaller loans as well as larger ones. However, be careful. Make sure you can benefit from the refinancing before you renegotiate.

Suppose you have an auto loan at 10 percent, and your bank is willing to lend you the money to pay it off at 7 percent. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, maybe. If a big part of the loan has been paid off, refinancing may not be worthwhile because the new debt is usually paid off over a longer period of time and will ultimately cost more.

General Rule of Thumb: The more recently the loan was made, the better chance refinancing has to work for you. Get out the papers; go to your accounts online, look at your loans today. Look to see if you can make some changes that will get your money in motion, working for you.